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Multiple Solar and Inverter Installation - Buffelsdrift Farm, Ladismith

Multiple Solar + Inverter Installation

Buffelsdrift Farm, Ladismith, Western Cape

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Ladismith, Buffelsdrift Farm & B&B is not just a picturesque destination but a testament to luxury and sustainability.

In the pursuit of a greener future, the farm recently partnered with Eadsdirect to orchestrate a multiple-setup solar and inverter installation that not only exemplifies innovation but also underscores their commitment to eco-conscious living.

54x 555W Solar Panels

This extensive project comprises two 12kW, 3-phase inverters, paired with robust 15kWh batteries.

This powerhouse installation, made up of a staggering 54x 555W solar panels, feeds energy to the entire farm, ensuring operations run seamlessly – even during load shedding.

Empowering Luxury Accommodation:

The B&B Cottages:

The B&B cottages, embodying comfort and luxury, are powered by three 5kW single-phase inverters, each equipped with 5.12kWh batteries.

This inverter installation caters exclusively to the cottages, ensuring uninterrupted power for guests to enjoy their stay to the fullest!

Multiple Solar and Inverter Installation - Buffelsdrift Farm, Ladismith

Luxury & Sustainability: The Perfect Harmony

What sets this installation apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate luxury and sustainability. Buffelsdrift Farm & B&B now serves as a testament to how high-end hospitality and green living can coexist harmoniously.

This project showcases the countless advantages of solar energy:

Savings: Reduced energy costs contribute to long-term savings.
Environmental Impact: Solar energy significantly reduces carbon footprints.
Reliability: Solar installations offer energy independence and resilience against load shedding and other power outages.
Luxury and Comfort: Guests at Buffelsdrift Farm can enjoy the lap of luxury while knowing they are staying in an eco-conscious environment.

Connect with Eadsdirect today to explore how you can say goodbye to Eskom while also contributing to a greener tomorrow!

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